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  • November 17th, 2010

    Ways To Pass A Drug Test In A Week

    Ways to pass a drug test in a week is easy and simple

    Different drugs have different time duration in the human system for example marijuana stays for 48 hours in the body and even this time is dependent on certain factors. You should be able to mark changes in the body once you have taken the drug. There are chances of self evaluation in some cases as the person knows that drug has a limited effect on the system. Permanent detoxification is not possible as the body has other impurities as well.

    The metabolism of the body is also an important factor for the duration of drug traces in the system. Apart from metabolism state of hydration, body fluids and physical condition of the system also effects the duration of drug presence. The urine plays an important role in detecting the drug traces in the body. There are boundaries that determine the duration of drug in urine. If you have taken a low dose of drug then it will cling to the upper boundary and if the dose id high it will take the lower boundary.

    Age is again the factor which will determine the stay of the drug traces in the body. With the growing age the metabolism of the body decreases and this will result in longer duration of drug metabolites in the body. The body mass is also one of the factor which will determine the presence and duration of the drug traces in human body. If the body mass is more than normal then it will surely decrease the metabolism which will result in longer stay of the drug traces. You should be able to understand the need of the hour.

    Time frame for drug test is more important as an instrument in detecting the traces of drug. Drug testing is based n man facts and these facts should be kept in mind to get the proper response from the experts and doctors. The hair drug test sampling is very easy in case of morphine as it provides wide scope for tests and experiments. The drug affects the metabolism directly especially the opiates. The fast paced metabolism gives all the details pertaining to opiates. Urine tests at time give an incorrect result that is why hair drug test is considered authentic in case of morphine.

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