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  • October 28th, 2010

    Creatine And Drug Test

    Read about creatine and drug use.

    Creatine is generally found in many dietary supplements like products including vitamins and synthetic amino acids which are generally sold for specific uses in case of muscle building or weight loss. It contains three amino acids that are found in muscles of human beings. When you do rapid exercise the fuel is provided to the muscles by creatine. It helps restoring and repairing muscles after any physical activity suggested many reports and studies.

    The creatine is stored in the muscle cells. It is manufactured naturally inside the body by the liver, kidney and pancreas at the rate of 2 grams per day. Red meat and fish are rich sources of creatine. Since it helps in muscle building, many athletes have begun to use dietary supplements containing creatine. Creatine reduces the recovery time during workouts and contributes to increasing strengths during shot puts or weight lifting. Thus they are gaining popularity. Creatine supplements are available on the internet too.

    Creatine can cause damage to human body with prolonged use. It should be used under medical supervision of doctors by adults and teenagers should avoid it. Creatine is not regulated by Food and Drug Administration (FDA), U.S.

    Creatine creates a waste product called creatinine. Dilution is preferred to pass a drug test and is the most common method to do so. Drinking large amount of water will dilute the concentration of drug metabolites in the system which will help you test negative. Dilution also lowers the specific gravity and creatinine level in the urine. Thus dilution can be risky, because the testing labs are wise to this tactic and they can go for a validity test. So creatinine level check could be a validity test.

    If the creatinine level is too low, the result will be “diluted” and you fail the drug test. Checking creatinine is expensive and usually not preferred. Similarly lsd on drug tests is not tested because of the fact that it can easily be removed from the body. Moreover creatine supplements are readily available in the market which will help boost your creatinine level in the urine. This will definitely help you pass a drug test if you will be asked to perform a validity test.

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