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  • November 9th, 2010

    Creatine And Passing Drug Test

    Read about creatine and passing a drug test.

    Drug test are considered by many employers, school authorities and sports officials so as to attain a drug free atmosphere. Drug testing are the best methods to detect the influence of drugs on an individual. These tests have become quite mandatory in many institutions. The increase in the number of drug tests has got many products which can help you pass any random drug test easily. The detox products and drug solutions available on the internet can help detoxifying the system. Many home drug tests kits are also available. These kits are used by parents to check whether their wards are taking illicit drugs.

    Creatine is generally found in many dietary supplements which are sold for specific reasons. They help in muscle building or weight loss. It contains amino acid that is usually synthesized in the muscle of human being. During exercising the required energy is thus supplied to the muscles by creatine. It is an energy booster. It helps in repairing muscles after a heavy exhausting physical activity.

    It is synthesized by the liver, kidneys and pancreas at the rate of 2 grams per day. Protein rich red meat is a rich source of creatine. Many athletes have been using creatine so as to reduce the recovery time during workouts. Creatine supplements can be easily obtained as they are available on the internet too. Prolonged use of creatine can prove to be harmful. It is strictly suggested to be used under medical supervision.

    Creatinine is a by product of creatine. Dilution is the best method to detoxify your system and pass drug test. Many diuretics like green tea for passing drug test are used. Dilution on the other hand lowers the specific gravity and creatinine level of the urine. Thus dilution can be detected. Consumption of creatine rich red meat will normalize the creatinine level and mask the effect of dilution on urine. This will definitely help you in case if you are asked to undergo a validity check if the authorities suspect dilution.

    These tips will surely help you a lot in passing a drug test with flying colors!


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