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  • October 28th, 2010

    Do Mushrooms Show Up Drug Test

    Read and know do mushrooms show up drug test,

    Till now you might have heard about magical mushrooms good for health and as rich sources of proteins and minerals. Mushrooms are actually fungus and grow on the branches of a dead tree. They are not just yummy and healthy but they are even thought to help you pass a drug test. It is true or just another rumor about promoting mushrooms in the name of passing a drug test. Do mushrooms show up drug test? This article will tell you.

    Magical mushrooms and drug tests have always been in controversy about their detection. Have you even thought of getting caught for consuming mushrooms? Yes, you can be caught because magical mushrooms also called as Psilocybin mushrooms can be detected for the presence of Psilocybin. Are these mushrooms toxic? No they are not at all toxic, but only their high consumption can lead to drug consumption results in drug tests.

    Magical mushrooms can be allergic to certain people, so before consuming mushrooms at a bigger level, you should take a few wait for any allergic reactions and then eat more, if no reaction is observed. Some countries have banned possessing these mushrooms because they have hallucinating properties. If you love these mushrooms then you can try honey to make them more palatable and ginger juice t reduce the nauseate effects.

    Dried mushrooms are more effective than the fresh ones. A medium amount of mushrooms that one can have is three grams of dried mushrooms and thirty grams of fresh mushrooms.

    Psilocybin is normally detected in hair drug tests in a time span of three to five months after consumption, but you do not need to fear about it or stop taking mushrooms because standard drug test do not test for psilocybin. To be on a safer side it is better to eat mushrooms of other type.

    Mushrooms and drugs are often talked about together because these mushrooms have hallucinating effects. Psilocybin excretes from the body through urine but only eighty percent the rest is stored in the system for several weeks. You can identify these mushrooms with its long stem like structure. If you want to detect whether you will be caught for eating mushrooms then you can check it at home with take at home drug test kits.

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