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  • October 7th, 2010

    Military Mushrooms Drug Test

    Military Mushrooms Drug Tests

    A drug is a generic term that includes medicines as well as narcotic substances. In the context of this article a drug will be always taken to mean a narcotic substance. People who want to get away from their daily problems consume drugs. Drugs help a person feel excessively optimistic for no apparent reason. The drug user also feels as if he is in control of the situation – whatever the situation might be and usually gets hallucinations and delusions of power.

    These effects, however, are only temporary and false. Drugs make you feel good only for the time being. The long term effects of drug consumption are catastrophic on your physical and mental health. Drug use generally produces illusions, increases the heart rate, and either increases or decreases the blood pressure. Prolonged use can reduce the user’s immunity against diseases, make him more vulnerable to heart ailments and, where drug is consumed through syringe, expose the user to incurable diseases like AIDS. Apart from the personal effects, the user’s family and friends also suffer. The user is more prone to violent behavior and may resort to robberies to get money for procuring drugs. Other larger effects include creating a demand for drugs that triggers rivalry and violence between rival drug gangs.

    Mushrooms are slightly different from other drugs. The main psychoactive substance in mushrooms is psilocybin. Unlike marijuana or cannabis, it is not fat soluble and so is not stored in the body for long. Therefore its detection is not possible after a certain short period of time after consumption of mushrooms. This fact also makes them non addictive. They are excreted from the body more quickly than other drugs and therefore do not linger to produce the craving which then transforms into addiction.

    Blood and urine tests cannot detect the presence of mushrooms one week after they are consumed. The detection of mushrooms in a hair drug test is a matter of debate. Psilocybin is excreted quickly from the body and therefore its effects also leave the body very quickly. And since it is not addictive, very few people use it on a daily basis. Therefore their detection in a hair drug test is also difficult. So if you want to know how to deny their detection in a drug test here’s some advice: do not consume them for at least 2-3 weeks before the test.

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