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  • November 9th, 2010

    Does Drinking Water Help Pass Drug Test

    Read does drinking water help pass drug test.

    Does drinking water help pass drug test? Yes it does help pass drug test by registering you negative. The best method of reducing the concentration of drug residues in then system is by diluting the system. This can be done by drinking lots of water and fluids. Water always has been an excellent cleanser and a source of hydrating the system. Flushing out the toxins from the body of an abuser is very much possible with the help of this natural detoxifying agent. Drinking a lot of water regularly prior to test is definitely going to help you pass drug test. Urination is the best way to throw the toxins out of your body.

    Drinking a lot of water along with citric juices, cranberry juice will help to speed up the detoxifying procedure. Drinking water can also help you pass a drug test meth. Drinking beverages like coffee and tea can also help. Coffee and tea are natural diuretics which can stimulate urination and thus help in flushing the system. The consumption of water should be stopped 2 days prior to test.

    Drinking a lot of water can dilute the urine sample in case if you are supposed to undergo a urine drug screening. Dilution will also lower the specific gravity of the urine. The levels of creatinine which is a byproduct of creatine will also be lowered in the urine. The lab authorities these days are aware about dilution. They often conduct a validity test for the same. This test will be done to check the creatine level in the urine and ph of the urine. If the level of creatinine is low they register the test as diluted and you fail a drug test.

    Creatine supplements can help you boost the creatinine level in the urine. Protein rich red meat is a rich source of creatine. Consuming this will help you normalize the creatinine levels. Dilution also makes the urine pale. This can be easily caught and the authorities come to know that you are trying to cheat them. Vitamin B2 will impart yellow color to the urine and mask dilution.

    Thus dilution can help you pass drug test but it is risky as well.

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