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  • February 16th, 2011

    Drug Test For Mushrooms

    Learn about drug test for mushrooms

    Mushroom intake is a very common thing amongst people. While some of the mushrooms are used for cooking purposes and form a major part of the diet of many people, there are other mushrooms available which have toxic content. There is a particular toxic substance called psilocybin present in mushrooms which can test you positive in a drug test. Some of the tests like the urine test may not detect this toxic substance in the urine sample. However this toxic substance can be detected easily in a hair drug test. It is prove that use of mushrooms have ability to control addiction detoxification drug nicotine.

    Magical mushrooms and drug tests have always been in debated about their detection. Have you even thought of getting caught for consuming mushrooms? Yes, you can be caught because magical mushrooms also called as Psilocybin mushrooms can be detected for the presence of Psilocybin. Are these mushrooms toxic? No they are not at all toxic, but only their high consumption can lead to drug consumption results in drug tests. If you rarely consume mushrooms then their toxics gets out from the body rapidly and that to without any side effects. What sorts of drug testing are conducted to trace the mushrooms? Urine drug testing is widely accepted form of testing, however, employers also think of hair drug testing due to the accuracy they got from it.

    Urine drug test is most likely to be the test that will be employed for checking the consumption of mushrooms. The measures you will have to take are the same as the ones taken to beat a normal urine test. You can go in for a synthetic cleanser or detoxifier. The alternative method for passing drug tests is to go for natural detoxification. For 15 days before the test do not use the drug and adopt a healthy lifestyle. This routine should include fat burning exercise, drinking a lot of water throughout the day and a healthy and balanced diet. Most toxins are stored inside fat and burning fat by exercise is the surest way to get rid of the toxins. These broken down toxins can then be flushed out through urine and so the need to drink plenty of water. A diet rich in vegetables, proteins, carbohydrates and minerals will prevent the accumulation of fresh toxins and keep the body balanced.

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