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  • December 24th, 2010

    Do Mushrooms Show Up On A Drug Test

    Read to know that do mushrooms show up on a drug test.

    Have you ever thought that mushrooms can be banned for use? You might have heard that these fungi are good for health as they contain high levels of proteins and minerals in them. They grow on dead branches of trees and on moist ground. There are different species of mushrooms out of which one of them is banned for legal use as it can cause hallucinating effects. So, next time when you have mushrooms do not try any specie which you are not aware of it. If you have to pass a drug test then you should be aware that the mushrooms which you have had last night can drag you to court. In this article you will find complete info about them and also know that do mushrooms show up on a drug test?

    The mushrooms that have been included in the drug testing panel in many countries and organizations are magical mushrooms. They are also known as Psilocybin mushrooms. The compound Psilocybin is detected in these mushrooms which. This compound is thought to cause hallucinating effects on consumption. These mushrooms are not at all toxic, if you think so but they just cause effects on behavior which are similar to the effects that come after the consumption of drugs.

    The best way to detect Psilocybin is drug testing clinics or through the hair samples of the person. Normally dugs can be detected within a time span of three months but this compound can be found till five to three months after consumption. This compound is not detected in every pass a drug test. It is usually not included in the standard drug testing panel, so you do not need to worry about the consumption of drugs if you go for any standard drug test.

    Do take care whether you are allergic to this compound or not because many people are allergic to magical mushrooms. This compound can also be detected through urine but only twenty percent of it is excreted from the body through urine. The rest of it remains in the body.

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