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  • October 28th, 2010

    Drug Test Swab 3 Minutes

    Read about drug test swab 3 minutes.

    Mouth swab tests are becoming quite popular these days. Employers use the drug test at the time of hiring a new employee and school authorities during an enrolment of a new student. Are you also going to face a mouth swab test and wondering drug test how long in system? Then go through the following article to gather some facts related to a mouth swab drug test.

    Saliva tests cannot be adulterated. Thus they are gaining popularity are used for pre-employment, post accident or in case of any kind of suspicion. The intake of drugs is from mouth, so saliva is a great source of detection of drugs in the system. A mouth swab test uses saliva. When you undergo a mouth drug test, you will be given a swab which has got a brush and bristles on it. This swab is to be placed in your mouth between the gums. When the swab will be completely wet the specimen of saliva will be collected under management and thus the sample cannot be tampered.

    Sometimes this test can also be done by asking the subject to spit on the swab. Thus it has got another name, spit test. You would take maximum 10-30 minutes to pass this test. Swab test can detect the use of cocaine, amphetamine, cannabis, opiates, barbiturates, etc. It is the best method to detect the recent use of drugs.

    The following tips will certainly help you pass a mouth swab test:

    • All you need at the very beginning is a bottle of mouthwash. Swish the toxin clearing mouthwash for 3 minutes around 30 minutes before the test and you can easily detox your mouth.
    • The detox foot pads can help get rid the toxins from the body.
    • Drinking 24 oz of water mixed with detoxification beverages prior to the test can also help cleaning your mouth and making your saliva drug free.
    • Aspirin works as a mask and covers all the drugs in your system. Take three to four aspirin before the test.
    • Cranberry juice can also help a lot. Consume the juice and workout; the sweat will throw off the toxins from the system and you can pass a drug test.
    • Drinking water will help flushing of the system. Clean your gums and tongue before going for the test.

    These tips will surely help you pass a drug test.

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