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  • November 9th, 2010

    False Positive Drug Test For Pcp

    Read about False positive drug test for PCP.

    Drug tests have a lot of importance in one’s life. A failed drug test is not a shame but will also lead you to many legal and social problems. What if you are caught for consuming drug even if you are not doing so? This will be the most traumatic situation in your life. Yes such events do occur because of many reasons. Which is the most probable test that can lead to false positive drug test? What is the major reason for false positive drug test? This article will answer all these questions.

    A false positive drug test result is the results when you are tested positive even if you have not personally consumed drugs. Most of the times false positive drug test results, is a results of improper testing devices and also for tests like marijuana brownies drug test. Many laboratories in United States of America do not fulfill the standards of federal standard for drug testing community. These can lead to many serious consequences in your life. Hair drug test can also turn to be a false positive drug test. If you are standing next to a person smoking weed, it is likely that the drug particles from the smoke can rest on your hair and get stuck over there. This will give a positive drug test result even if you have not smoked it. At this point it is foolish to say that you have not smoked it because this excuse will not work.

    Drug tests taken especially for PCP can end yup detecting some other drug in your system. This is also termed as a false positive drug test. PCP is also called as Phencyclidine. It can be snuffed through the nostrils or injected. You can also consume it orally. It has been banned legally but still can be found in use. PCP shows off from the specimens in one way or the other. It can be detected through any of the specimen be it urine, saliva, hair or blood. The detection period for this drug is around seven to fourteen days and the level of illegal concentration is about twenty five ng per millimeter.

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