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  • November 9th, 2010

    List Of False Positive Drug Test Indicators

    List of false positive drug test indicators that are common

    Drug testing nowadays is altered in many ways. There are many false positive drug indicators and these are openly available in the market. Cocaine False Positives , Amphetamine False Positives , Opiate False Positives ,Benzodiazepine False Positives ,Barbiturate False Positives ,LSD False Positives ,Ecstasy False Positives are some common examples . These indicators give you the edge in changing the results of the drug test. There are options available by which you can pass these drug tests naturally without taking any tension. The complexity of some cases might have an adverse result but the success rate is almost reached. Processes like internal dilution which is one of the best ways of passing drug test naturally.

    Cleansing is basically releasing the toxins from the system. Human body is full of toxins. Toxins are not foreign particles they are formed and present within the human body. If you consume drugs then these toxins are released into blood and urine and it becomes difficult at times to remove all these toxins. The drug metabolites especially THC is present in large quantity and this will trigger the metabolism and becomes the basis of drug detection.

    Detoxification is the process which requires maximum flushing of these impurities and toxins from the body fluids. Once these fluids are free from toxins then you have fair chances of getting a desired result in the drug test. No one wants their test to go positive in case of drug detection. The process which allows flushing of toxins is known as dilution and it is done within the body internally do that drug testing becomes clear and you get the negative drug report. Opportunities that are related to jobs require zero toxics of the body as far as drug testing is concerned.

    Detoxification process is natural in some cases. It depends from person to person. Home based solutions and remedies like consuming vinegar to beat the drug tests are becoming common and people are following these methods religiously. Once you have the knowledge then you can apply the logic and get the kind of result that you want. It is very important to make people understand that flushing is not always a fool proof method to detoxify as some of the metabolites of drugs are hard to flush from human body.

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