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  • October 19th, 2010

    Failed Drug Test Thc False Positive

    Failed Drug Test THC False Positive.

    False positive is a condition when you test positive in a drug test even if you are not a user of drugs. This is a fairly serious condition. Employers conduct drug tests to keep their offices drug free. If you test positive you can get fired and embarrassed for no apparent fault of yours. The false positive result is brought about due to consumption of certain foodstuffs and medicines that contain the same chemicals that are present in drugs.

    The quality of the laboratory that engages in drug testing in your workplace is also a major factor in a false positive test. Drug testing has become a pervasive phenomenon in response to an even more widespread practice of drug use. It has also been proved that getting caught in a drug test, once or more than once, results in the “guilty” keeping away from drugs. However people can also test positive in a false manner. And when they do so in workplace drug testing the consequences can be serious. Out of the 1200 drug testing labs in the United States, only around 100 meet federal standards. Many of the individual states do not regulate these drug testing labs. And employers in their anxiety to get all the employees tested for drugs, may engage the services of a lab not meeting the federal standards. The percentage of false positive tests range from 4% to 50%.

    What this does is that it defeats the entire purpose of drug testing. Labs meeting federal standards can point out the difference between a genuinely positive test result and a false positive test result. If you happen to test falsely positive in a non standard lab, well then May god help you. But the situation is not helpless. You can get your body detoxified before the test. Taking detox pills and liquid solutions that break toxins making them undetectable in blood and urine can do this. Rinsing your mouth with a detox mouthwash makes drug residues, if any, undetectable in the saliva drug test. Finally to get through the hair test you need to use detox shampoos that mask the drug residues in the inner layers of the hair.

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