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  • October 11th, 2010

    Pre Employment Drug Test False Positives

    Pre employment drug test false positives

    Drug test becomes a significant safety issue in the workplace for safety professionals. The bulk of all lucky companies do drug test. The main goal of this drug test in companies is to reduce impact from drug abuse in workplace including turnover, attitude problems, lessened productivity, violence, crime and tardiness. Us Department of Labor guesses that drug utilization in workplaces costs many billion dollars on annual basis in accidents, workers compensation costs, lost time and health care. Many HR as well as safety professionals have found that drug test is a valuable as well as cost-efficient risk management tool.

    Now let us have a look at drug test programs. Pass a drug test program must not be followed without establishing procedures as well as policies. The most usual kind of testing program is pre employment. Courts also have continuously upheld authority of need of a pre-employment drug testing since a condition of employment. It is the great practice to attain consent as well as to suggest drug test is a great need for employment. When a firm plans for conducting post hiring test for recent employees then the employer must also include education as well as training for employees and supervisors and guidelines for discipline in the positive test. Post employment drug test includes accidental test, post accidental test, individualized suspicion test and testing, which is legally needed in some industries like Department of Transportation

    Each of these kinds of test is sensitive enough and an employer must have a program before beginning. Even if, the Americans with Disabilities Act as well as same state regulations offers prevention for people, who are in rehabilitating for drug addict, ADA never protects people recently making use of unlawful drugs and can not effect drug test. Drug testing is done by sending an applicant to site where a urine sample is attained as well as sent to a certified lab for analysis. Negative results are generally available within 24 hours. Instant test kits are also there on the market. These are same to home pregnancy tests and need the employer to influence a urine sample. You will get the detailed information on drug and alcohol test online. You do not need to go anywhere to get the information.

    Prescription medicines can cause pre employment drug test false positives. Therefore, you should learn about few medications, which cause false positives with the help of tips from experts.

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