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  • February 16th, 2011

    How Long Do Drugs Stay In Your System

    How long do drugs stay in your system?

    Your physique and body type is also important in determining in how long do drugs stay in your system. Not so many people are aware for this fact. They start taking detox treatments without knowing this fact and fail in their drug test. If you check at the internet, you will see that there are detox product which are classifieds according to body type. Your physique and body type are the key element in determining how long the drug can remain in system. There are lots of factors which are depending on your daily activity and amount of fluid you have on daily basis. If you are having athletic type body, then defiantly your body has physique to cope up with the restored drug metabolites.

    You may be taking drug shots once in a while, but do you know how long they remain in your system? Marijuana, which is fat soluble substance, is found in detected state up to 3-6 months. Main reason behind it is marijuana is fat soluble and slowly metabolized one. It takes time to convert into byproducts and hence then to excrete from blood or fat cells. How to pass drug test against marijuana? One key remedy suggested by everyone is use detox product. Detox products stimulates the metabolites conversion activity. They reach up to the stored drug metabolites and try to remove them from body. Most of the detox products available in the market are urine additives. They come either in pills or drinks form. You can select one as per your body type. If you have body mass greater than 200 lb, then you might require intense detoxification treatment.

    What is the key factor for selecting right detoxification treatment? In one word its answer is how much metabolites concentration present in your body. You can detect it through home base drug testing kits. There is plenty of option avail in this category. Have strip drug testing form so that you can easily interpret your result with color codes. There are also different drug testing kits available in the market for checking particular drug presence. One such drug test is cocaine purity testing products impurity safety injecting. Cocaine is available in different format. And being a natural substance you get it in abundant form. Knowing result of drug test can h+elp you form more effective pass drug test techniques.

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