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  • October 7th, 2010

    Illinois State Drug Testing Laws

    Illinois state drug testing laws

    The Federal government is extremely rigid when it comes to getting the drug testing done on various candidates. WHo would go in for a drug testing, why, and when all such kind of questions are based completely on the Federal government, as it is upto their discretion to call a candidate for a drug test. With the drug test becoming so stringent, and is of utmost importance at many work sectors, the best possible way to be clear of the drug test is to not do any kind of drugs at all. Also, there are various requirements which need to be fulfilled for a person to be able to appear for a drug test. The Drug-Free Workplace Act has the right to impose certain requirements in terms of employee education on those companies which are in a sort of business agreement with the government. The Department of Defense needs the defense contractors to set up the right process for identifying those people who do drugs while in serive, and anyone cna be randomly called in for a drug test, depending on the discretion of the authorities. The federal Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act (OTETA) makes it compulsory for all the aircraft operators, equipments on railroad, mass transportation vehicles, and also the commercial motor vehicles.

    Many states have enforced provisions when it comes to drug testing, as there is no uniform federal drug testing law. Therefore, drug testing is supposed to be legally accepted by the employees as well as the employers. The drug testing rules and regualtions of Illinois can be summarized as below. School bus drivers need to go through the drug test as a compulsory rule. The etst would be per the Federal standards, and would be conducted by only a licensed physician. The contractors of state and the grantess need to certify to the authorities that they would be providing a drug free work atmosphere for all their workers. Those employees who violate this rule of a drug free workplace can be subjected to strict action, leading upto termination. They can also be sent to a rehabilitation program, or go through an assisted drug abuse program. Violations of the Drug Free Workplace Act for the contractors of state and the grantess may invite suspension of their payments, debarment of the contract, and the likes. Those employees who are working on nay public projects need to udnergo the drug test which is to be performed by a certified laboratory.

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