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  • November 17th, 2010

    Implementing Drug Testing Policy

    Read about implementing drug testing policy.

    Initially ten years back, implementing a drug testing policy was a big problem. Employees felt that drug testing would indulge with their privacies and they strongly challenged the owners that it was not institutional. Many of the owners themselves felt that conducting a drug test would send the wrong message to the employees- a message proving that they were just not trustworthy. According to the survey by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, in 1983 less than 1% of employees nationwide were subjected to the drug testing procedures. But today the situation has changed with 49% of the full time employees undergoing some form of a drug test at workplace.

    The construction industry has a higher rate of documented illegal drug use than any other industry. This was tracked by the Department of Labor. Statistics suggest that in unites states 73% of the drug abusers are employed, 33% of them know about the sale of illegal drugs at the workplace and 20% young employees admitted the use of marijuana at job. According to the National Cocaine Helpline, 75% of the drug abusers use drug on their job, 64% admitted that the use of drugs adversely affect their performance, 44% of the population sold drugs to other employees and some 18% of them also stole drugs from their co-workers.

    After deciding which method is appropriate for drug testing, the employer should follow the three main steps before getting the program up and proceeding further. These include:

    A. Select a right and effective substance abuse provider: one can select the provider by networking. Employer can talk to other employers or contact industry associations. Formulate the program by determining the policy and then announce, distribute and administer program across the organization.
    B. Employer must complete the necessary paper work.
    C. Proceed further to start the program.

    In general the company must give 60 days notice to the employees before the drug test can begin. On the other hand a random drug test can begin with a baseline test of all the employees and then proceed to random drug testing on a pre determined basis. There are a number of ways to clean your system of cocaine and marijuana and pass a drug test. Put in the right efforts and failure is not to worried about!

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