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  • December 24th, 2010

    Mandatory Drug Testing On All High School Students

    Read about mandatory drug testing on all high school students.

    A groundbreaking decision was made by the Supreme Court in 1995 in a case on whether or not drug testing should be conducted on school students by concluding that it was reasonable to perform a testing on students willing to participate in sports activity. According to the Supreme Court preventing drug addiction amongst the teens was persuasive given the alarming rise in the use of drugs at the school. Students are thus expected to have a decreased expectation of privacy. Student athletes can be at the risk of harming themselves physically if practicing sports on abusing drugs. After that a number of schools across the nation have decided to test the students for marijuana as well as other drugs

    Drug tests are considered to be the most effective methods of determining whether the subject is under the influence of drugs or not. But let me tell you all the drug tests are not accurate. There can be chances of registering a false positive like false positive morphine drug test or false positive for marijuana. A false positive can be a reason of improper paper work, mixing of samples, inept authorities, second hand smoke or simply improper conduction of test. Thus the schools should go for the standard drug testing labs to get reliable results.

    Most of the drug screenings in school requires parental consent and all the officials go through the policy of mandatory testing. Some of the schools require that there should be a cause or reasonable suspicion to call in a drug test. In all the schools, the students who are willing to compete in a sports eve must undergo a drug test. Many people criticize the idea of drug testing and claim that it is a violation of privacy of students. Many educational experts believe that school drug testing for marijuana deters the students from abusing marijuana and any other illegal drug. There are a few cases wherein a student was testes and found to be in possession of illicit drugs. The student was sent to a rehabilitation center and suspended from school. Parents thus are against the drug testing and the debate continues.

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