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  • October 7th, 2010

    Research Immune System Marijuana For Aids

    Research Immune System Marijuana for Aids.

    Marijuana is the most widely consumed narcotic substance in the US. People often use it to “get high.” This is a slang term for the period when a person’s senses are almost numb and he / she gets detached from the worldly realities. This is similar, albeit more powerful than the effects of alcohol or liquor on the human system. Marijuana is also one among the ten most likely drugs for which a person will be screened during a drug test. The wide use of this narcotic substance has necessitated a thorough understanding of the effects this drug on the immune system.

    Marijuana can be consumed in various forms. It can either be smoked or eaten as an ingredient in a food product. In the former case the effects are felt immediately but last for a shorter duration. When consumed as food, the effects are not felt immediately but last longer. The later method of consumption is also more potent and therefore more lethal.

    Marijuana affects the brain, the lugs and the heart. There are also unconfirmed reports of its use increasing the probability of cancer development in the user. The basic effect, as already mentioned, is a drift away from reality. Marijuana influences the nerve cells in the brain. The effect is more pronounced when marijuana is consumed orally. This creates delusions and hallucinations i.e. an illusion of something abnormal happening when none is. This also leads to loss of coordination, trouble with problem solving, inability to concentrate, impaired memory and disorientation.

    Marijuana increases heart rate and decreases blood pressure. The increase in heart rate can be up to 20 to 50 beats per minute. This combination of consequences increases the possibility of a heart attack by four times as compared to when the person is not consuming marijuana. Marijuana also affects the lungs. The effects are similar to those produced by tobacco, but are more pronounced. These include obstructed airways, increased occurrence of acute chest illness, increased risk of lung infections and cough and phlegm production.

    Studies have also indicated that prolonged use of marijuana seriously decreases the ability of the immune cells to fight infections. This can lead to frequent illnesses. Some other studies also indicate a link between marijuana smoking and tumor development.

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