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  • November 9th, 2010

    Mushroom Drug Test

    Read about mushroom drug test

    Mushrooms are good for health but not all. You might have tasted yummy mushrooms but have you ever thought of mushrooms being hallucinating. Mushrooms are not just full of protein and minerals but some are full of toxins. One such species of mushrooms which is thought to be poisonous is the Psilocybin mushrooms. Mushrooms are not totally banned from all the countries but some countries have surely banned it from use legally. Is mushroom drug test necessary? This article will tell you.

    Considering mushrooms as illegal may sound funny to some but there are many reasons as to why they are considered as illegal. Some consider mushrooms as hallucinogens while some recommend it to reduce nausea. The concept of mushrooms being illegal is totally based on thought and beliefs. There is no evident proof of mushrooms being poisonous. Some countries have banned the use of Psilocybin mushrooms because it is not native to the country.

    Some urine drug tests detect Psilocybin in the given samples, but detecting Psilocybin is not mentioned in standard urine drug test. Even if you stay in a country where consuming mushrooms is illegal you do not have to worry because Psilocybin does not sty for a longer time in your system. Unlike cannabis and marijuana this drug does not stay in the fat cells and so can be easily excreted from the body every time you urinate. The maximum time for which this drug can stay in your body is around a week. So, if you have consumed mushrooms a week before the test then you do not have to worry about getting caught for any kind of drug.

    The most common test in which Psilocybin is caught is the urine drug test because the only way through which this drug can come out of the body is urine. So if you want to drug test pass urine then you can go for diluting your urine or frequent urination. Both these methods work wonderfully and lead to desired results.

    While mushrooms are legally banned in some countries it is satisfactorily eaten in others. Considering mushrooms as illegal might not sound fair enough for some but some have accepted those fact. So before you eat mushrooms it is necessary to read the laws of your country carefully so as to pass a drug test.

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