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  • November 9th, 2010

    Passing Mouth Swab Drug Test

    Read about passing mouth swab drug test.

    Drug testing has become a terror for job seekers and athletes after drug test became mandatory at workplaces and even at schools. This is done basically to filter out the drug addicts from the workplaces so as to avoid any less productivity and threats to safety. So if you want a job or a driver’s license drug test is a must for you. Are you also going to face a mouth swab test? Do not fear the test instead read the article carefully and work accordingly. You will surely be successful.

    A saliva drug test also known as a mouth swab test is easier than defeating hair folicle drug test. It is much easier than passing a urine test as well. So failing a mouth swab test is not at all an option. Mouth swab test uses saliva for detection of presence or absence of drug metabolites. During a swab test, you will be given a mouth swab which has got a brush present on it. This swab is to be placed between the gums until it gets completely wet. Then the sample will be collected under supervision and hence cannot be tampered. Sometimes you can simply be asked to spit on the swab. It can only detect the recent use of drug.

    The following tips can help you pass a swab test easily:

    • Passing mouth swab drug test is easy if you buy a bottle of mouthwash available online. Swish this mouthwash for 3 minutes so as to clear all the toxins present in your mouth. This should be done 30 minutes prior to the test and you can be ready for the test.
    • Drinking water mixed with detoxification beverages before the test can also help to cleanse your mouth.
    • Clean your gums and teeth before going for the test with water.
    • Aspirin is a good masking agent. Consuming three to four aspirin will help mask the residues.
    • Cranberry juice will boost urination and will thus flush off the drug residues present in the system.
    • Exercising and drinking a lot of water is quite beneficial.

    Follow this and pass a mouth swab drug test.

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