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  • November 17th, 2010

    Ways To Pass A Mouth Swab Drug Test

    Read for how to pass mouth swab test.

    Though urine testing gets highest popularity and great adeptness in the mass, it is true fact that urine testing are no longer consider as reliable and confirmative test. It is essential to carry out another test as a confirmative test which supports result of urine drug test. One such test is mouth swab test. In mouth swab test, saliva is taken as sample specimen. As saliva test is carried out in front of the technician and mostly as random test, there is highly no chance for any adulteration. However, if you think that mouth swab test is difficult to pass, then you are certainly wrong. It is as easy as you think of passing urine testing. You can pass mouth swab test without using any detox product as well. Read for ways to pass a mouth swab drug test.

    To know how to pass mouth swab test it is essential to know how this test is carried out. Mouth swab test is carried out with the help of person’s saliva. Normally cotton swab is used to collect sample. Swab gathers saliva which may consist drug traces. Drug particles remain in the saliva keeps changing and it is depend on kind of drugs with frequency of its use. If person is regular marijuana smoker, then certainly its result will come positive. If any person consume additives just before drug test, then chances of getting positive result is quite high. That is the reason why most work places carried saliva test as random test.

    Remember ,saliva drug test comes positive only if drug traces are reside inside the mouth. One simple way to beat drug test is improper placing of cotton swab. If you place swab in between teeth, then it fails to collect enough amount of saliva sample. Another working method is use of detox mouth wash. Mouth wash try to dilute drug particles. However, one might get burning sensation inside the mouth after its use. For the reason try to avoid this method. Along with the marijuana detection, now saliva testing is also used for passing a drug test for cocaine.

    To pass saliva drug testing, try to have lots of water before going for passing. There are some detox products like toothpaste or chemical wash. However, one need to go as per requirement and necessity.

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