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  • November 9th, 2010

    Does Creatine Show Up On A Drug Test

    Read does creatine show up on a drug test.

    Drug test have become mandatory. They are being conducted in workplaces, schools and sport officials. There is a substantial rise in the number of drug abusers all over. It is a high time now and illegal drug use needs to be controlled. Drug screening is the best way to determine the influence of drugs on an individual. The drug testing kits available online could be of great help to parents as they can detect the drug in the system of their wards and thus take some steps to stop this habit of them.

    Drug testing can come up in several forms like the urine drug testing, hair follicle drug testing or saliva drug testing. Urine testing is the most common method of detecting the presence or absence of drug in the urine sample of the subject. Marijuana is a drug that remains in the system for almost 3 months. But the detox solution can easily poison marijuana test and you can pass drug test with flying colors. This can help you in case of random drug testing. but if you have ample of time at your disposal then dilution is the best method to flush the chemicals out of the system.

    Drinking a lot of fluids can help you a lot to detoxify your system. Water is a natural cleanser; it will clean the system by lowering the concentration of drug metabolites. Drinking large amount of water can dilute your urine thus lowering the level of drug metabolites below the sensitivity of the test and you pass it.

    But the drug testing labs are wise to the tactics and are pretty much aware of dilution. In case of dilution they perform a validity test. Dilution also lowers the concentration of creatinine a by product of creatine in the urine. The validity test can be performed to check the specific gravity of the urine as well as to determine the creatinine level in it.

    If the creatinine level is low the test will show diluted, which is interpreted as a positive test result and you fail. Thus creatine can show up in a drug test. Taking creatine supplements can boost the level of creatinine in your urine.

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