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  • October 7th, 2010

    Drug Test By Mouth

    drug test by mouth

    There are different ways by which you can ensure that you pass the oral drug test properly. These methods would differ, depending on whether you know when is the schedule for your oral drug test. Some of the solutions to ensure that you pass the oral drug test can be implemented immediately, while some others would need time to show you proper results. FOr a spur of the moment kind of a drug test, it is recommended that you use a mouthwash which is toxin clearing. What you need to do is was your mouth with the mouthwash for three minutes from about five to about thirty minutes before your test is scheduled to begin. From several days before the test, start wearing detox foot pads.

    Wearing this would help your body get rid of toxins and it would thus not show any indication of the use of drug. In order to remove any traces of toxin in the saliva in your mouth, drink a 24 oz glass of water. Along with this glass of water, have two detoxification beverages right before the oral drug test. You can also try drinking cranberry juice and do rigorous physical exercise. That would help you in detoxifying your body faster. Try visiting the sauna for a sauna session. This would again help you in sweating it out, thereby helping in detoxifying your system. Sweating helps in reducing the toxins from your body. You might also consider taking a couple of aspirin before the test, as that could act as a cover, and mask any other drug that your system might have traces of. Drink enough water in order to flush out the toxins from your system as much as possible. Avoid having anything that might result in a false positive, such as poppy seeds. Finally, before going in for the final check up, try getting a home test kit, and see what it shows as a result. Then, decide accordingly what to do. These home test kits do give you authentic results. Therefore, before going to a test center, and get a positive report on drug test, and land up in great risk, it is better to actually get one of these readily avaialble kits at home, try out the test on your own, and then check for yourself whether you are fit to go in for a test at the recommended testing center.

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