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  • December 24th, 2010

    Drug Test False Positive Benzo

    Drug test false positive benzo

    False positive is a test result, which is returned if a substance tests positive for another compound. It is a mistaken reorganization case. For instance, when you eat a couple of poppy seeds cakes before opting for test, you are able to get positive results for opiates. The opportunities of you getting a false positive rely on the quality of lab, which does the test. There seems to be almost 1,200 of these laboratories in U. S recently testing for drugs. Less than a 100 of meet federal standards as well as many of the individual states never regulate drug testing laboratories. The number of false positives returned can range from 4% to almost 50% relying on the laboratory. Worry here is that when your organization tests for the use of drug, they are maybe not needed to make use of an expert drug test laboratory that means you have a big chance of getting a false positive then.

    There are many drugs that cause a false positive drug test results. Amphetamines, benzo and morphine are one of those which can cause false positive drug testing results. Urine drug test results spanning a 2 year period were data mined to recognize those positive for benzo. If confirmatory gas chromatography mass spectrometry decided false positive then they were later cross referenced against pharmacy records for recognizing patients with active prescription for sertaline at the initial urinary drug testing. From search, it comes to know that sertaline can be an unreported cause of false-positive benzo results in a broadly utilized testing examine.

    False positive tests for drugs of abuse may powerfully hamper diagnosis as well as treatment. When clinical presentation of patient is prematurely ascribed to a substance disorder then a medical workup can be less pursued powerfully forestalling the right diagnosis and the early treatment.

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