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  • February 16th, 2011

    Mushrooms In A Drug Test

    Mushrooms show up on drug test.

    You might hear that mushrooms are good for health and as rich sources of minerals and proteins. Mushrooms are type of special fungus which is available in nature abundantly. Mushrooms that are yummy in taste and gives rich protein. It is true those mushrooms are wrongly promoted for their hallucinating effects. Is it true? Do mushrooms show up on drug test? Know about it through this article.

    Magical mushrooms and drug tests have always been in debated about their detection. Have you even thought of getting caught for consuming mushrooms? Yes, you can be caught because magical mushrooms also called as Psilocybin mushrooms can be detected for the presence of Psilocybin. Are these mushrooms toxic? No they are not at all toxic, but only their high consumption can lead to drug consumption results in drug tests. If you rarely consume mushrooms then their toxics gets out from the body rapidly and that to without any side effects. What sorts of drug testing are conducted to trace the mushrooms? Urine drug testing is widely accepted form of testing, however, employers also think of hair drug testing due to the accuracy they got from it.

    The hair drug test that is the most accurate of all the drug tests and also the one that can trace the consumption of drugs for the greatest durations, can detect Psilocybin for 3 to 5 months after it was consumed. However this psychoactive substance is not included in the ones that are looked for in usual drug testing. Mushrooms or their trace does not classified under class 5 drug test. Hence you can not go through normal EMIT or NIDA drug test. To be on the safer side, you can take ready clean drug test. It is essential to conduct special screening for mushrooms. What if you are not sure about your drug test result, still wants to avoid risk of getting caught? If you are taking hair drug test, then you are fortunate. There is abundant availability of detox shampoos. You can get them from online drug stores or now even at local drug stores as well.

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