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  • February 16th, 2011

    Should Drug Testing In High School Sports

    Read about should drug testing in high school sports.

    Several schools in United States, much like employers, have begun to implement drug testing policies in their school premises. The school officials are required to mention the statistics related to school performance and safety among the drug users. Drug testing is considered to be an effective deterrent and hence the popularity of this practice has increased tremendously in many high schools. However there has always been a debate on should drug testing in high school sports be made obligatory? Many people thought that this was a direct invasion to the right to privacy of the students. There is an ever increasing number of teenagers abusing drug each year. Those in favor of random drug testing for athletes believe that such measures can keep the teens away from the use of drugs.

    Fear of failing to pass a drug test and expulsion from schools or severe punishment from parents could be a good deterrent for the teens believes many experts. Most of drug screening programs require parental consent. Many of the schools require a probable cause or suspicion to perform a drug test. Like in case, if a teacher notices a student sitting aloof or has red and glassy eyes, then the authorities have the right to request a drug test. Most common drug testing in schools is for the athletes willing to participate in a sports eve. If a child abusing drugs participates in a sports activity, he/she is more likely to harm himself/herself. In nearly every district of United States, students willing to compete in sports are required to undergo a drug screening. Male high school athletes are at a greater risk of drug abuse. The fear of injury during competitions led to existence of drug testing among the athletes.

    Opponents claim that drug testing is a violation of privacy of student athletes. Regardless of this fact, many schools defend the benefits of drug testing in schools. Thus passing a heroin drug test is a must if you wish to compete in a sports eve!

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