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  • December 19th, 2010

    Best Detox For Drug Test

    Read about best detox for drug test.

    Drug testing is becoming quite popular. Employer drug tests are almost conducted at every workplace so as to be sure that no inefficient unproductive employee is hired. Drug test is basically the examination of the biological specimens for the use of illicit drug that can be hazardous for the health of an individual. Monitoring behavioral changes can help to some extent to determine the use of drugs but cannot be completely relied upon. Drug testing is no doubt the best way to determine the use of illegal drugs. A lot of info about passing a drug hair test or urine drug test is available online that has benefited the abusers a lot!

    Are you also in a situation wherein you are soon going to face a drug testing? Need to know the best detox for drug test? Do not panic, read this article and find the best solution.

    Failing a drug test can be devastating, both emotionally and financially for an individual. It is thus necessary to pass a drug test. The best way to pass a drug test is abstinence. This will not only help one pass a drug test but also protect the future of the abuser. Dilution is the best detox for drug test. Overloading the kidneys in a short frame of time is believed to work wonders by detoxifying the system faster.

    Water being a natural cleanser can help eliminate the drug residues from the system faster. Along with water, one can drink a lot of juices. They are also effective in detoxifying the body. Drinking a lot of fluids can dilute the urine and make it look watery. It will also reduce the creatinine levels and pH of the urine. The authorities are smart enough and can perform a validity test for checking dilution. Validity test involves measuring the creatinine level and checking the color of the urine sample. Vitamin B2 can help one mask dilution by coloring the urine yellow. Go for protein rich red meat and creatine supplements to boost creatinine level and normalize them in the urine.

    Drinking fluids regularly for a week or two can help but this should be stopped 2 days prior to the deadline. This will prevent the sample from appearing diluted and you can pass a drug test!

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