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  • November 9th, 2010

    Drink To Pass A Drug Test

    Read about drink to pass a drug test.

    Drug tests are quite common nowadays. How to pass my drug test is a big problem for everyone right from those seeking a job to the ones who wants to enroll themselves in schools. Drug test have become obligatory in these fields. There are a number of solutions to this problem. The detox kits and home drug test kits are quite reliable and effective for the purpose of passing a drug test. Will drinking water help you pass a drug test? It will surely read to find out how.

    Drinking a lot of water is an excellent source of detoxifying the system and flushing the drug residues out of the system. It is the best method to lower the concentration of drug metabolites below the sensitivity of a drug test. Water is available in abundance at home and helps you a lot. It is a natural way to pass a drug test. Urination and sweating are the two methods through which toxins get thrown out of the system.

    Drinking a lot of water along with citric juices and cranberry juice a week daily prior to the test will detoxify the system. Drinking tea and coffee which are natural diuretics will boost urination so it becomes easy to flush the toxins. Different fruits with a high amount of fluid like water melon and grapes are supposed to be excellent sources for flushing out toxins.

    Drinking fluids will dilute the urine. This could be highly risky as the drug testing labs are aware about all the tactics utilized by abusers to pass a drug test. Dilution decreases the creatinine level in the urine. The specific gravity of the urine is also lowered. In case of recognition of dilution the lab goes for a validity test which checks the ph, specific gravity of the urine and creatinine level in the sample. Creatinine level can be boosted by consuming creatine supplements and red meat which is supposed to be a rich source of creatine. Vitamin B2 will impart yellow color to the urine and mask dilution.

    Drinking fluids is indeed the best method to pass a drug test if you are able to mask dilution.

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